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We know that Web Analytics, PPC, User Experience and Search Engine Optimisation of websites and online campaigns now command as much, if not more, focus than traditional marketing analysis techniques.
Today’s businesses know that innovation and technology are data-driven. With the right talent, they can see real time benefits of measuring and analysing their online activity. In other words, Digital Analytics can increase engagement through design, and drive accountability as well as optimise user interaction.
Our specialist knowledge of Data & Analytics allows us to specialise in the support of this rapidly growing marketplace.

How we do it?

We recruit at all levels across the full remit of digital analytics skills including Web Analytics, Conversation Rate Optimisation, UX design/architecture, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Analytics Strategy and Planning, and E-commerce. We understand the wide range of tools and specialist knowledge required to work within this continuously evolving industry.

Our team is always on the look-out for top talent and are continually developing our network of contacts. With our knowledge of analytical and behavioural targeting tools, from Google Analytics and Omniture to Adobe tools to Webtrends, no role in the Digital Analytics sector is beyond our reach.

Why Stattec?

Stattec works with a wide range of organisations, from SMEs to large corporations, to digital analytics and media agencies and consultancies, specialist web metrics providers, and research companies.
Before we pair people with our clients, we look at their respective mentalities. Our long-standing partnerships within the marketplace enable this. By going beyond CVs and company descriptions, we are able to only recommend professionals to companies they share a mindset with, and achieve an optimal outcome for all involved.
Whether you’re searching for your next role or a Digital Analytics expert, our specialist team can help you develop in the Digital Analytics sector.


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